New Video – “50 Years Later”

A new video has been added to the FarnoVideos Library:

Here we see Cliff Gardner building the replica of the Image Dissector tube that was used in the "Golden Anniversary" celebration in 1977.  Cliff, who was Philo Farnsworth’s brother in law (Pem’s brother), was the self-taught glass blower who built all the tubes that were fabricated in the Farnsworth labs in the 1920s and early 30s.  Despite being 50 years later, the equipment like the spot welder and glass lathe, and the assembly steps that Cliff is seen taking here, are virtually identical to the equipment and processes used in the 1920s. 

Incidentally, Aaron Sorkin, whose play The Farnsworth Invention opens in San Diego, CA later this month, also  wrote about Cliff and Philo in an episode of his comedy, "Sports Night" called "Cliff Gardner" back in 1999.   

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