Meet Hugo Gernsback

Gernsback001 I am often asked, where did the term "television" actually come from.  There are numerous accounts of the origin of the term.  One of them attributes its first use to the writings of one Hugo Gernsback, who published numerous magazines about science and invention during the early 20th century.  I recall the first time I heard Gernsback’s name was in the company of Philo Farnsworth III (eldest son of the TV inventor) who told me back in the 1970s that his father likely learned of the idea of "pictures that could fly through the air" from reading one of Gernsback’s early publications.   

In addition to publishing magazines devoted to science and electronics, Gernsback also wrote some of the earliest works of what is now known as "science fiction," including the popular "Amazing Stories" series.  If you have ever heard of the "Hugo Awards" for science fiction writing, then you will be  interested to learn that they were named for …. Hugo Gernsback.   

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  1. Just finished editing a boook (un-atributed autobiography) of Hugo. (I worked for GPI for some 50 years from 1957 – 2002).

    Found the ms in dusty old files. Will be available from in softcover and hardcover within the next 30 days. Want to know more. Just ask.

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