October 2007

Farnsworth -v- Sarnoff = Nixon/Frost

There have been numerous suggestions that The Farnsworth Invention is anticipated as this season’s follow up to last season’s hugely successful (and critically acclaimed) Nixon/Frost, which, like ‘Farnsworth,’ tells a story of two opposing protagonists.  Here’s a blog post from one viewer who saw the play through just such a prism: The Farnsworth Invention also

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New York: Get Ready for “Farnsworth”

Link: ‘Farnsworth Invention’ Turns Dial to Broadway, Begins Oct.15 Performances begin on Monday, October 15 for the world premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s new American play about the advent of television, The Farnsworth Invention, directed by two-time Tony Award winner Des McAnuff, opening on Broadway at the Music Box Theatre on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. The

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