“Stumbling Drunk”

Here’s another report from a spectator at one of the early previews of The Farnsworth Invention on Broadway.  As other early reports have indicated, it seems the "Farnsworth character" in this portrayal does not fare all that well:

Mr. Simpson’s Farnsworth is a talented genius, flawed by his focus on his invention. Stumbling drunk, or painfully honest, he is a hero who is never properly recognized for his contribution during his lifetime. I did find the missing self-confidence displayed by his younger portrayal a bit confusing at first. Perhaps it was Mr. Sorkin’s writing that effected such a change as the cost of a formal education in the period.

I dunno… maybe that explains why the Farnsworth family has yet to hear a word from the production company re: an invitation to the formal opening next month (despite the inclusion of the producer who owns the rights to Pem Farnsworth’s book, Distant Vision, as one of the play’s producers).

I wonder if there will be any Sarnoffs at the festivities on November 14…?

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