Fonda Unnerves Colbert

This was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the TeeVee in a long time.  I don’t generally watch the Colbert Report in its entirety… I can really only take so much of Steve Colbert, funny and pointed as his commentary is.  But when I heard that Jane Fonda was going to be on his show, I fast forwarded (TiVo, of course) to the interview portion and was not disappointed.

Of course, Colbert was also set to assume his faux-wingnut posture with Fonda, but this time, the guest was totally on to him and complete disarmed the host.  After the requisite hand-shake greeting across the table, Fonda got out of seat, walked behind the table… and planted herself in Colbert’s lap,  kissed him deeply on the lips, and then stayed in his lap for the entire six minutes of the interview.   

Colbert was completely rattled, and it took about four minutes before he realized that Fonda was NOT going to get out of his lap, and another minute before he finally settles into whatever decorum he could muster for the occasion.   Watch it hall here, clip courtesy Comedy


Damn, those movie stars know how to kiss.  It’s enough to make a feller wish he had his own talk show.

And, of course, Fonda snuck in the best commentary of the evening: Colbert asked her a question about war protesting. As she
continues to straddle him and kiss his face, she finally responds, "We
cannot elect men to office that are afraid of premature evacuation."

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