It’s Official, Studio 60 is Toast

It was rumored to be case last week, when somebody reported that the elaborate sets for "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" were being dismantled.  Now it’s official:

Link: NBC cans ‘Studio 60,’ ‘Jordan’ –

NBC, the first of the broadcast networks to unveil a new schedule to advertisers this week, canceled "Crossing Jordan" and the high-profile failure "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." Another critical favorite that hasn’t found a big audience, "Friday Night Lights," was renewed.

So, football with weak ratings, yes; crunchy Aaron Sorkin dialog with weak ratings, no.

No word yet on whether the final episodes, shot this past winter and spring, will ever see the light of day.  You’d think they’d let us at least see ’em, maybe over the summer or something, but probably not.

But what’s this we hear about Amy Brennigan (of "Judging Amy" fame) returning to TeeVee in a "Grey’s Anatomy" spinoff??

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