Two Biographies: Philo Farnsworth and Townsend Brown

Tales of Two Biographies

I have written a couple of things in the past week about what ties my two books together.  I’ve also discussed both books in a couple of podcasts.

Rather than duplicate that content on this site, I’ll put links to the things I’ve posted on my other sites:

A Tale of Two Biographies Part 1 
A Tale of Two Biographies Part 2
The Mysterious Universe Podcast
The Higherside Chats Podcast  


I am running THREE WordPress websites now. is my personal blog; is for the Philo Farnsworth bio and is for the Townsend Brown bio.  I’ve been thinking about how I can pull all this under a single domain and merge the websites but an obvious or practical solution has yet to present itself.

I did just register a new domain (I do that a lot).  Maybe this is it?


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