The Most Famous Man You’ve Never Heard Of

We were in Los Angeles last month – for Philo Farnsworth's induction into the Television Academy's Hall of Fame. 

I suppose I should post some photos, but the whole experience was… well, let's just put it mildly and say that it was discouraging, and leave it at that.  Maybe there will be more to say in the future.  Maybe not. In the meantime you can see some photos and find links to the video recordings of the event at

While we were there, we hung out some with Phil Savenick, whose home in
Westwood is a museum of old TeeVees – complete with a shrine to

One highlight of the time in LA, however, was getting to spend a little bit of time with Jessica Farnsworth Moulton, the great-grandaughter of Pem and Philo Farnsworth.  Jessica had a very nice speech in which she was going to accept the award on behalf of the next generation of Farnsworths, who, she promised, would not rest until the true story is told (this was going to be delivered in the presence of Aaron Sorkin, who the Academy chose to present the induction to the family).

But, this was an awards show, and you know how those things go: the music started playing before Jessica had a chance to say her piece.  You can read what was loaded in the teleprompter before they cut her off at

Some of the Farnsworths, including Jessica, stuck around LA for a few days after the banquet.  While she was there, Jessica joined forces with Phil Savenick to produce this little video that pretty well sums up the case:


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