Spreading the Big Lie to Australia

Now theater goers in Australia can hear Aaron Sorkin's twisted take on history, where "priority of invention" is awarded to the guy who actually LOST the case.

Thankfully theatre goers will have a little help keeping track of proceedings, with a central narrator setting up each scene to avoid confusion. “One of the characters will address the audience so they will easily understand what is going on,” Ryan explains.

Playing fast and loose with the historical facts, Ryan admits that the play contains an intriguing combination “of what did and did not happen”.

Unfortunately, none of the characters comes out on stage and says, "that's not what happened."  Oh, yeah, the Sarnoff character comes out and says he can't really remember how any of the litigation turned out, which is a ridiculous summation.  

Sarnoff, RCA, and Zworykin lost all the litigation with Farnsworth that mattered, to the point that RCA wound up paying Farnsworth patent royalties for the first time in its corporate history.  But you will never learn that from sitting through "The Farnsworth Invention." 

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