Speculation Abounds…

And rumors persist:

They say Spielberg is co-financing the Broadway production of a play by Aaron Sorkin called “The Farnsworth Invention”, and he’s not doing it because he loves the stage. Instead, he may be doing it to get his foot in the door to produce and direct a movie version of the play. No, it’s not another musical about husband killing dames or mysterious opera psychos. Don’t panic.

The play is about a boy genius named Philo T. Farnsworth. He’s a genius, because in high school he invented the first ever completely electric television.

The Farnsworth Invention tells the story of how he did it, and was subsequently ripped off by RCA’s David Sarnoff over the patent. Hollywood Elsewhere immediately compares it to Francis Ford Coppola’s Tucker, and from the description that sounds like the sort of movie Spielberg could be going for if indeed this ever happens. 


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