Sounds like…

somebody didn’t exactly enjoy their night at the theater:

The Farnsworth Invention commits more than the mere mortal sin of being exposition heavy.  It is almost emotionally fraudulent.  When Sorkin wants you to feel a little something for one of the people in the piece, he throws in Cossack soldiers and dying children like he’s tossing Snickers bars into a little kids pillow cast on Halloween.  “Here you go, son, no big deal.”  We’re told about things like alcoholism and depression and shown none of it, with the painful exception of two drastically unintelligible bar scenes where all kinds of espionage is taking place.

So let’s recap: historically inaccurate AND “emotionally fraudulent.” Just who exactly stole Aaron Sorkin’s soul to write this play, anyway? Well, it’s not going to matter in another couple of weeks, and that, sadly, will be the last we hear of Philo Farnsworth for another generation.

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