One Blogger’s Review of TFI

Here is a fairly succinct (and fair) review of The Farnsworth Invention, which has now completed its month-long "workshop" run at the La Jolla Playhouse near San Diego:

Accuracy, however, can be the hobgoblin of drama. That quibbling point was quickly forgotten, though, because The Farnsworth Invention was fanfuckingtastic.

For all the ups and downs of Studio 60 this season, The Farnsworth Invention is an assurance that Sorkin has still got mad skillz. I saw the matinee show on the last day of the run and I was seriously considering putting off the hour-plus drive back home to get in the rush line and try for another ticket to the final show which would not begin for about four hours.

Sounds like this guy saw the same play I did. We now wait to see if indeed this production will find its way to Broadway.   

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