New York Gets Ready for “Farnsworth”

New York Times takes note of the building interest in Aaron Sorkin’s play coming to Broadway, heralding the show as this coming season’s equivalent of the highly acclaimed "Frost/Nixon:"

The most notable entry in the field, “The Farnsworth Invention,” comes from the television writer Aaron Sorkin, his first play since “A Few Good Men” in 1989. The subject speaks to Mr. Sorkin’s fascination with process, with the conflict centering on the feud between a particularly gifted young student, Philo T. Farnsworth, who invented the first electronic television system in the 1920s, and David Sarnoff, who, from that seed, fertilized a media empire. Both men had utopian visions for television’s potential, but the play deals as well with all the quotidian matters beyond the scope of their idealism: patent law and economics, science and the repercussions of the Wall Street crash. The play, co-produced by Steven Spielberg, will open on Broadway at the Music Box Theater on Nov. 14.

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