Somebody Finally Speaks the Truth

19social3-articleInline Yeah, I'm pretty tired of beating up on Aaron Sorkin, and it's a drag when one of your heroes falls of his pedestal (or is "jumped" the right verb?). But we're going to be reading and hearing a lot about Mr. Sorkin in the weeks ahead, as we brace ourselves for the release of his latest work of half-fact, half fiction, the drama "The Social Network" (aka The Zuckerberg Invention?)

So it's nice to see somebody finally saying in print what we have known along about his approach the The Farnsworth Invention:

“I saw Farnsworth a few times,” says producer Scott Rudin, who was instrumental in pairing Sorkin with this material, “and one of the reasons I wanted Aaron to write this movie was, as much as he had found enormous pleasure in the Frank Capra story of Philo Farnsworth, it was clear to me that the person who wrote that play really had his heart with Sarnoff.”


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