Excitement Builds for B’way Opening

It’s starting to look like The Farnsworth Invention is one of the most anticipated openings of coming Broadway season.  In a detailed run-down of the new season’s offerings, one observer writes:

The Farnsworth Invention (November 14) Now this is the one that I am really looking forward to this season. It is a new drama written Aaron Sorkin. For those few that don’t know his work he was the writer and creator of The West Wing and the creator and writer of one of my favorite show of the last 10 years. I am of course talking about the now cancelled and underrated show "Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip" It comes out on DVD October 27th. Well enough of my shameless plugs this new drama is about the advent of television. It stars Tony nominee Hank Azaria and directed by Two-time Tony Winner Des McAnuff. I can’t wait.

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