Don’t Anybody Tell The Producers

Sorkin2650 The opening of The Farnsworth Invention on Broadway has been postponed until the stagehands settle their strike with producers. But the PR machine was cranked up to fulll volume last week, making the cast and crew available to whatever media outlets were ready to soft-peddle the play’s "even handed" treatment of the subject matter.

Nevertheless, the producers of this particular play will probably be chagrined to read this quote from an article that appeared in the Fort Wayne Indiana Journal Gazette:

The play is based on “Distant Vision,” a biography written by Farnsworth’s wife, Elma “Pem” Farnsworth.

Both the playwright and the producer have denied that there is any direct connection between the play and Mrs. Farnsworth’s book — despite the fact that the project was first instigated back in the 1990s when the people who own the rights to the book brought it to the writer’s attention, and despite the fact that one of those people is listed as a producer of the play. All coincidence, of course, since the play is really "fiction" anyway…

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