Author name: Paul Schatzkin

Life is better with the top down.

Meet Hugo Gernsback

I am often asked, where did the term "television" actually come from.  There are numerous accounts of the origin of the term.  One of them attributes its first use to the writings of one Hugo Gernsback, who published numerous magazines about science and invention during the early 20th century.  I recall the first time I …

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Oral History: Videos with Pem Farnsworth, ‘The Mother of Television’

Here’s something I should have linked to long ago, which only occurs to me now that I have this handy way to quickly add new links to this website.  Elma G. ‘Pem’ Farnsworth, the widow of Philo T. Farnsworth and affectionately known by all who knew her as ‘The Mother of Television,’ died last May …

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The Play is Cast

Hollywood may finally be taking notice of Philo T. Farnsworth. As some of you may recall, when Aaron Sorkin stepped down  as executive producer of NBC’s The West Wing back in the spring of 2004, he announced that his next project would be a feature film, The Farnsworth Invention.  Sorkin’s interest in the Farnsworth story reaches …

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