REVIEW: Inventors spar about boob tube

I believe the media are asked NOT to review The Farnsworth Invention at the La Jolla Playhouse, as it is a "page-to-stage" workshop production, but the Daily Aztec from San Diego State University has gone ahead with this assessment:

"The Farnsworth Invention" centers on Farnsworth (Jimmi Simpson), the essential force behind the creation of television, and his corporate nemesis, David Sarnoff (Stephen Lang), who stops at nothing to steal Farnsworth’s glory and credit the invention of television to his company, RCA Records. Even with heartless tactics, though, Sarnoff is not a completely unsympathetic character and the story is told in part through his retrospective narration.

The photo you see here is the first rendering I’ve seen from the stage.  The way Jimmi Simmons is holding the tube here, he looks almost exactly like the statue that was unveiled in the U.S. Capitol in 1990.

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  1. Gordon mays Baird

    My Father had no money just a idea which due to hard work and begging was the first to get TV up and running including 3D and colour.
    Grant him the honor of being first and after that with big financial backing the TV was greatly improved upon by Farnsworth.
    Look at my inventions some can save hundreds of lives but I am stuck without funds so I just wait until the world reads my page or catches up with me. I wonder what Farnsworth’s offspring have done?
    Thank you for reading this long letter Gordon mays Baird

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