Another Example..

…of the false history lesson that audiences will take away from The Farnsworth Invention.
This is from a blog entry by Alan Meckler, the CEO of Jupiter Media:

Farnsworth refers to Philo Farnsworth who was the real father of the television. He conceived of "television" as a teen in 1912. Later he lost out in getting the patent to television technology to David Sarnoff (founder of RCA and the National Broadcasting Company).

At least Meckler learned that “Philo Farnsworth was the real father of television.” But irony here is that Farnsworth did NOT “lose out in getting the patent to television technology” to David Sarnoff, RCA, or anybody else. Farnsworth WON all that litigation, but in the play, a different verdict is rendered.

I’m still trying to figure out how the verdict can be reversed in a production that bills itself as “historical drama.”

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