Another Actor’s Take on The Strike

The Asbury Park Press offers this story about actor Michael Mulheren and how he is handling the strike:

"It’s just insane," Mulheren said as he was on his way to pick up his two children from a pre-school in the Red Bank area. "This could be a long one because the stagehands union has never struck before."

If the strike continues through Thanksgiving and into December — the busiest and most lucrative season for Broadway — Mulheren predicts some shows will post closing notices before January, usually the slowest month of the theater season.

Mulheren, incidentally, is the actor who speaks the most erroneous lines in the whole play, when he plays the judge who says "priority of invention is awarded to Vladimir Zworykin." 

I get what the playwright is trying to do here, it’s just not consistent with the facts — any more than Goliath dodging David’s stone.

Despite whatever issues I have with how the play handles the actual history, I hope the strike gets settled before the producers have to seriously consider posting a "closing notice."  That would be truly tragic.

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