An Invaluable Archive

The Santa Monica Mirror takes note of The Archive of American Television — now available online and viewable via Google Video — which includes interviews with Pem Farnsworth:

There is an interview with Elma Farnsworth, the widow of Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of the electronic television.  This is a woman who worked alongside Farnsworth as he developed what would become the way images were broadcast on television sets.  To have this interview with Ms. Farnsworth available for viewing free of charge is astonishing.  Maybe it’s not astonishing to young people who have grown up in the YouTube era, but take it from me, it’s astonishing to have access to this kind of information from one’s living room.

I guess "YouTube" is the right name for that site, but I sometimes I wish I thought of that first and called it "Farnovision." Cuz, yeah, he made THAT possible, too.

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