Albert Einstein's 1905 paper on the photo electric effect supplies the theoretical underpinnings of all the video in the world today.

Television: The Theory of Relativity In Our Living Room

…and in our pockets, now.

Well, sorta. It’s not exactly the theory of relativity, but it’s all part of the same cosmology.  Which we take entirely for granted.

I posted a piece on the Townsend Brown website about the connections between Albert Einstein, the papers he published in 1905, and the inventing of television:

Source: Our Relativistic World: Einstein, Eddington, and ‘Modern Times’

The connection is both clear and vague:  In the same year that Einstein articulated the Theory of Special Relativity and pronounced that E=MC2, he also published a paper describing the photoelectric effect.  That these equations provide the foundation for all the electronic video in the world is clear.  What is perhaps less clear is the association with Relativity.  The best that can be said is that both of these ideas emerged from the same cosmology, which existed at the time entirely within the singular cranium of one patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland.

It's Einstein's Universe, we just get to live in it.
It’s Einstein’s Universe, we just get to live in it.


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