Almost Ready for Prime Time?

Link: Aaron Sorkin: The Father of ‘Invention’.

On Tuesday, the La Jolla Playhouse will open its workshop production of “The Farnsworth Invention,” Sorkin’s first new play since “A Few Good Men” premiered on Broadway 18 years ago.

With 17 actors playing 100 roles, Sorkin’s sweeping work about the birth of television may be one of the most ambitious creations of his high-achieving career. But on a day that started with “Studio 60” business in Burbank and would end many hours later with “Farnsworth” rewrites in his San Diego hotel room, the freakiest thing about Sorkin was his refusal to freak out.


Reading this account of the pending production, one wonders if Aaron Sorkin isn’t about to be come the "David Sarnoff" in the telling of the Philo Farnsworth story — since once again the Farnsworth family and others have been pushed aside for the sake of a big-business production.   

There is a discussion of Aaron Sorkin’s work (mostly "Studio 60") at

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