“Slipping” Into Oblivion?

According to Variety, Broadway box-office grosses slip this time every year, but apparently "The Farnsworth Invention’s" box-office drop could be construed as more than just "seasonal."

The seasonal slowdown on Broadway continued last week, with B.O. slipping by around $1.2 million to an estimated $14.3 million for 31 shows on the boards.

Receipts dropped for nearly every production on the Rialto. In terms of percentages, the biggest dip was seen by "The Farnsworth Invention," down by 31% to $186,342, with "Chicago" ($245,076), "Avenue Q" ($233,723) and "The Phantom of the Opera" (dropping $120,000 to $475,303) all off about 20% each.

Of course, over here at “fact -v- fiction” HQ, we might like to think that the loss of interest in Aaron Sorkin’s play is directly attributable to it’s factual failings, but I suspect there is probably more to it than that. Audiences no doubt forgive all kinds of historical transgressions so long as the play itself is adequately engaging. So there must be something missing besides historical accuracy.

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