Like I Was Saying

Another more or less favorable review, spoiled in the end by the pesky vicissitudes of actual history:

We certainly can forgive "The Farnsworth Invention" for fudging some
facts, but in the climactic patent ruling scene, Sorkin’s script strays
too far. It portrays the court siding with RCA, while historical
accounts and Farnsworth fanatics insist it ruled in favor of
Farnsworth. Entire websites ( have sprung up
debating the play’s veracity, point by point….

But apparently, showing
Farnsworth winning the trial, but losing the war wouldn’t fit neatly
into a Broadway-friendly story frame. I suspect that Sorkin, like the
money-minded Sarnoff, felt the urge to sacrifice truth and bow to the
wicked pressures of commerce.

Farnsworth fanatics?  I guess that would be me….

2 thoughts on “Like I Was Saying”

  1. Farnsworth Fanatics? I prefer the term ‘farnomania’, it’s more ‘catchy’. Is there still time to pick-up some books? They would sure make a nifty Christmas gift!
    Peace out on Earth,
    Ronnie Farnsworth

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