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More reviews that slipped through the net earlier today:

New York Press (Stan Friedman): 
Sometimes showing off (“Music is what Mathmatics does on a Saturday
night”), sometimes using his familiar ironic understatement (“You’re
going to want to not screw this up”), Sorkin delivers what his
established fans and critics have come to expect: a showcase of his own
formidable talent.

NY Daily News (Joe Dziemianowicz):  Scenes play out like brief
vignettes from a History Channel biopic (the story was originally
intended for the big screen) without stirring emotions. No wonder music
accompanies several scenes, as in a film, to tug the heart… Sorkin has been ridiculed for distorting facts, but he
admits to taking liberties with his characters. "I just made that last
scene up," Sarnoff confesses at one point… Dramatic license is one thing. But a play about the invention of television that fails to blaze in living color is another.

Newsday (Linda Winer): Sorkin sprinkles anachronistic profanities as liberally as he makes up
fiction about real people’s lives. Farnsworth historians are already
incensed about big and small inaccuracies. See for specifics. I appreciate the concern. I
just wish someone had cared half as much about the world-altering
distortions in last season’s hit, "Frost/Nixon," alas, soon to be a
major motion picture.

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